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Other Junior Tours

Looking for more competitions? We invite you to try these great oganizations:

Junior Golf Association of Northern California (JGANC)

A third-party Junior Golf Tour who play all over Northern California. This is an advanced Junior Competition Program.  30+ events to choose from.  For more information go to JGANC.com

American Junior Golf Association (AJGA)

A third-party Junior Golf Tour who play all of the United States.  This is the Elite junior golf tour where junior players play against the top juniors in the nation.  Gain exposure and recognition from colleges with nation rankings.  Go to AJGA.com for more information.

These 3rd party junior tours are administered independently from Foxtail Golf Club and are not associated in any way with Foxtail Golf Club.  Foxtail is not responsible for content or policies for the above tours.  Foxtail Golf Club is solely providing information to individuals who may be looking for more junior golf competitions.