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North Bay Juniors: Team Foxtail

Welcome to the North Bay Junior Team! 

North Bay League Prerequistites.

- Must be able to score 100 or less for 18 holes.
- Must have their own clubs
- Must be able to walk all 18 holes carrying their clubs or using a pull cart
- Class of 2023 or not eligable for play

North Bay League TEAM Specifics:

The cost is $125 for the Season.  Includes uniforms, hats, golf balls and several competitions.  

North Bay League TEAM Competitions

The NBJGL is playing a High School format of 18 holes.  Team of 6 players will have 2 of the highest scores thrown out. If there are more than 6 players on the team - we will assign playing opportunities so that all juniors will be able to have an opportunity to play.


  • TBD