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Industrial League

Tuesday League  Wednesday League
 Semi Finals
Western State Mortgage
Semi Finals
Avila's Eagles
1st Half Winners
Brian Alexander - 11.5

League Championship Qualifier
Western State Mortgage 58 point
Team Point

1st Western State Mortgage $123.11
2nd Super Stiff Shafts $107.72
3rd Tie Par, then Bar $61.72
3rd Tie Acurit Auto $61.72
5th Engineered to Slice $53.86
6th Tie A Motley Crew $46.17
6th Tie Whiskey Business $46.17
8th Goody Sparky $30.78
9th Grima Tile & Stone $23.08

1st Half Winners
Rick Barquero - 14.5

League Championship Qualifier
Fireball 62 point
Team Point

1st Fireball $99.56
2nd Haz R Us $87.11
3rd Wedgies $68.44
4th Tie Avila Eagles $62.22
4th Tie Mulligans $62.22
6th Plumbers $49.78
7th Pacific Doors $43.56
8th Stockham Construction $37.33
9th Tie Callinan Construction $24.89
9th Tie Ball Busters $24.89

 Overall Point Winner
Brian Alexander - 21.5 pts

2nd Half Winners
John Pederson - 11.5
Team Points
1st Western State Mortgage $115
2nd Super Stiff Shafts $84
3rd Par, then Bar $77
4th TIE A Motley crew $61
4th TIE Whiskey Business $61
4th Tie Grima Tile $61
7th Good Sparky $46
8th Acurit $30
9th Engineered to Slice $15

Overall Point Winner
Rick Barquero - 23.5 Points

2nd Half Winners

Chris Goody - 12 Points

League Championship Qualifier
Avila's Eagles - 51.5 Points

Team Points
1st  Haz R Us $99
2nd  TIE Avila's Eagles $75
2nd  TIE Fireball $75
4th Mulligans $68
5th  Stockham Construction $56
6th  TIE Plumbers $50
6th  TIE Pacific Door $50
8th  Callinan Construction $37
10th  TIE Wedgies $25
10th  TIE Ball Busters $25

2023 Foxtail Industrial League 
Time: 4:30pm
Costs $400 per Team (includes 4 players and up to 4 subs)
Tuesday or Wednesday
Starts May 9th
Season - Approximately 16-18 Weeks
Team Prizes
Weekly Prizes
Individual Prizes
Closest to the Pin
Season Ending Dinner for 4 Players Included!
 Sponsorship Opportunities
All Sponsorship Money goes to Team Prize Fund
Company Name Provided on Webpage and Sponsor Sign at Golf Course

League Commissioner
Christopher Gay, PGA
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.